Surf while sitting down with the Webble Foot Rest

The Webble is a product designed to help those of us, who are unfortunate enough to be tied down to their desks from 9-5. It simulates the experience of surfing the waves, all while sitting down at your desk (minus the pounding waves and the adrenaline rush, of course). This gadget is like no other. The Webble is a blend of ergonomic and fun elements and is designed to keep your feet moving. This constant movement supposedly negates any physiological problems in the lower legs and feet, created by a sedentary working lifestyle.Webble Footrest

The product also comes in a more advanced version, the Webble Air. This bad-boy features an advanced self-braking mechanism and a spring suspension.

Webble Air - Foot Rest

There must be a lot of you dying to get your feet on one, but you cannot buy one yet. You will have to wait for the official launch at Neocon 2007 in Chicago. And then, you can drive your co-workers crazy.

Link to the site. Thanks Notcot.

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