Captain America is Dead and Buried

Captain America dead- Fallen Son Comic Book Cover Captain America – Marvel Comics’ answer to Superman is now dead and buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He met his end in the upcoming comic book issue titled "Fallen Son" – a part of the larger "Civil War" story arc. He was killed as he refused to sign the Superhero Registration Act, and thus putting him at loggerheads with Iron Man and other non-metahuman heroes.

In a funeral watched by thousands of grievers, Iron Man, the Black Panther, Ben Grimm and Ms. Marvel carried the casket draped with an American flag. The issue will be released on July 5th, the day after Independence day.

The assassin was a human with no superpowers. He was a lowly writer desperate to bring turmoil (and comic book sales) to the Marvel universe. All jokes aside, it was a sniper (supposedly) who killed him.

Writer Jeph Loeb says:

With the story line so relevant to present-day politics, and the timing of the latest issue so precise, it’s hard not to think the whole thing is one big slam on the government. Part of it grew out of the fact that we are a country that’s at war, we are being perceived differently in the world

He wears the flag and he is assassinated it’s impossible not to have it at least be a metaphor for the complications of present day.

The superhero made his appearance in newsstands on March 1941, nine months before Pearl Harbor, and made a telling statement about America’s non-involvement in the world war. As rules are meant to be broken in the comic book universe, Captain America may be resurrected after the writers have milked the aftermath of his death.

After all, Superman died once and then came back, didn’t he ?