Dr. Seuss was a racist cartoonist

Dr. Seuss was one of my favorite writers during my childhood, and I absolutely adored his Cat In The Hat (hated the movie version though). He was also a political cartoonist for the New York newspaper PM, and did his bit for the American war effort during World War II.

Dr. Seuss opposed racism in America, and his cartoons deplored the unfortunate treatment of Jews and African Americans in America during the war. But paradoxically, he considered all Japanese Americans as traitors or fifth-columnists. He created some nasty cartoons which depict the flawed Japanese stereotypes of those times, complete with slanted eyes and pig noses – something which no self-respecting newspaper would dare to print today.

The following picture shows Japanese Americans being taken to the internment camps, a sad and disgusting chapter in American history.

This following Dr. Seuss cartoon was printed on February 13, 1942, in which he questions the loyalty of Japanese Americans just weeks before the internment was announced.

Dr.Seuss racist cartoon on Japanese Americans You can see the other cartoons in the set at Who Sucks. (Thanks, Sujay Daniel !!)