Hamas TV for Kids

Walt Disney must be really rolling in his grave. These snippets are from a kids program called Tomorrow’s pioneers on the Al-Aqsa channel. The channel affiliated to Hamas believes in catching them young, and I mean really young. The makers of the program have created a character called Farfour (Butterfly?), a lookalike of one of the most endearing American toon characters – Mickey Mouse. But this Mickey shows kids how to kill Israelites and Americans by shooting them and then blowing them up with grenades. He is accompanied by the child-host Saraa (looking wise beyond her years), who shares his views on jihad and various other playful activities.


On the final episode of the show, Farfour is beaten to death by an Israeli who was trying to buy his land and Saraa mourns the death of brave “martyr” Farfour at hands of “the killers of children.”


It’s ironic to see the most famous creation of a Jewish animator being used by the Palestinians to further their cause. A entire generation of children is being brainwashed to hate the western world and vice versa. There are no winners here folks, only lost innocence. Just use your vote well, this time around.