Stupidly Named Mp3 Players From TrekStor

This one is a prime candidate for an addition to the list of badly named products. TrekStor, a German company, is completely oblivious to the wrong connotations invoked by their awfully named Mp3 Players. They don’t stand a chance in hell of ever selling these products in America. People are going to die of laughter or just be plain offended by their names.


This fully featured gadget plays Mp3, WMA, OGG and SMV video files. Also has a TFT display with 260,000 colors, FM radio, 15 Hr operating time, Sennheiser earphones and a decent storage space of 4GB. Sounds good ? But this player is crippled with something even more deadlier than DRM; its name. It comes from Germany and it’s called Blaxx ? Good luck with that. Just what were they thinking ?

ibeat_p!nk Mp3 Player

This Mp3 player was actually designed in collaboration with popstar Pink. The specs aren’t too bad. Mp3, WMA, OGG, SMV video playback compatible, FM Radio, picture viewer, 65,000 color TFT, 2GB space with a funky pink aluminum body. And it will never do well in America. With a name like i.beat P!nk, what do you expect ?