X-Ray Art Gallery Of Albert Koetsier

camelia_leaves_X-Ray_Photo X-Rayography is the technique of using X-Rays to create art. The penetrative power of the rays is used to create detailed images of objects. Amazingly, the technique is not a new one and was invented almost two hundred years ago.

Albert Koetsier takes X-Ray images of organic and inorganic objects found in nature. The results are quite stunning to say the least. He regularly displays these photographs at various art festivals around the country. He also suggests that that we visit the shows, as the true beauty of these photographs cannot be gauged from the compressed images in the online gallery.

Snip from the site:

This is one of the striking discoveries Albert’s admirers make when they see this: most of the subjects are just tiny flowers and shells, but the x-ray photograph, because of its high-level of detail, can be blown up to many times the size without loosing any detail. Only the photographic medium permits this. Who would have thought that so much detail could exist in such a tiny shell, a shell that most people would never even think to examine more closely.

You can try to meet the artist at his shows by checking his schedule here. Link to the X-Ray art photo gallery.