Android 207 – Award Winning Animation Short

Android 207 - Paul WhittingtonAndroid 207 is a short animation film created by Paul Whittington aka Carrotkid. The film is about the efforts of an android to get out from a maze filled with booby traps and hidden dangers.

Even though the android initially provokes feelings of revulsion, it soon gets our empathy, as it displays some very human emotions like fear, doubt and even compassion for its fellow android. By the end, we can’t but wait for Android 207 to escape the labyrinth. The anti-climatic ending of the film, makes one think about what actually makes us human.

The film, shot in the style of an early 50’s B movie, won the Audience Favorite & Honorable Mention awards at the 2006 Milwaukee International Short Film Festival.

Do androids dream of electric sheep ? For 207’s sake, I really hope so.

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