Dogs Against Piracy Strike In New York

Lucky and Flo, the dynamic dog duo are now in New York, doing what they do best – sniffing out pirated DVDs. After almost decimating the Malaysian piracy market (and receiving a bounty on their heads in the process), the dogs are now in America to help local authorities find pirated discs. The dogs have been trained by their handler to sniff out polycarbonate, a key ingredient in CDs and DVDs.


Lucky and Flo are owned by the Motion Picture Association, which spent US $17,000 on training them. Although they can sniff the chemicals used to make CDs and DVDs, they cannot distinguish between genuine and fake discs. The reason why they are so effective is that they can lead handlers to boxes of discs labelled as other items.`Security officials may take a whole day to examine such containers, but it takes Lucky and Flo just 10 minutes to sniff out discs.


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