Silent Guardian – Non-Lethal Weapon

The Silent Guardian is the the US Army’s latest non-lethal weapon. It was developed by Raytheon, utilizing the same heating technology behind microwave ovens. Only this machine can emit an invisible, focused beam of radiation which seemingly stimulates human nerve endings and causes excruciating pain. The pain stops as soon as the beam is turned off, and supposedly causes no visible damage on the human body. The machine has a range of nearly half a mile.

The guys behind the Government Dirt blog, have serious concerns (after undergoing a trial) about the havoc it can cause in the wrong hands.

Snip from the article:


And a document released under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act talks of “optimal pulse parameters to evoke peak nociceptor activation” – i.e. cause the maximum agony possible, leaving no permanent damage.

Perhaps the most alarming prospect is that such machines would make efficient torture instruments.

They are quick, clean, cheap, easy to use and, most importantly, leave no marks. What would happen if they fell into the hands of unscrupulous nations where torture is not unknown?

The potential for havoc in the wrong hands is an extremely worrying thought. Peaceful demonstrations, like the ones happening in Burma, can be entirely dispersed in a matter of seconds. And try imagining a handheld version in the hands of a sadistic cop. Scary.