Sprayonmud For The Lazy Offroader

Spray On Mud For SUVThe sprayonmud basically lets you spray mud on your gas-guzzling off-road vehicles. The “mud” is actually a synthetic product designed to give your off-roader a rugged look.

More from the site:

If you’ve got a 4X4 or off-roader, Sprayonmud will send a message to anyone who disapproves or is just plain envious – you use your off-roader, off the road as well as on it.

Sprayonmud is NOT to be used to obscure number-plates or the lights on your vehicle. This, of course, is illegal and while it is not an endorsable offence, if your number plates cannot be read at a reasonable distance – or photographed by a speed camera – you could face a hefty fine.

Funnily, the picture accompanying the description has the vehicle’s number plate obscured by the spray-on stuff. I always thought that Men who bought SUVs and the like, were really trying too hard to cover up their inadequacies. Well, more power to them.