Top 50 Dystopian Movies Of All Time

Logan's RunSnarkerati has compiled a list of the top 50 dystopian movies of all time. The term ‘Dystopia’ is the antonym of ‘Utopia’.  All the movies in the list have a apocalyptic or bleak vision of the future. Some of the classic movies were the obvious by-products of the tensions during the cold war era. The studios exploited the fears of a global nuclear war and an “evil and ungodly” Soviet Union.

There is another recurring theme in many of the movies. The unwilling and conforming protagonist suddenly has a change of heart (mind ?) and rebels against the all controlling powers that rule his/her dystopian world. Expectedly,  a government-gone-bad plot was a popular choice  for the script writers, but “dirty” apes, aliens and semen-hungry underground-dwelling women were also cast as the antagonists.

The No. 1 film in the rankings will be no surprise to avid sci-fi movie fans.