Transformers Plush Pillows

Transformers Plush PillowsMore Transformers stuff from ThinkGeek. Transformers Plush Pillows, for the lonely people out there. I know they can’t fill the hollowness inside, but it sure feels good to have a Transformer, to hug while you are sleeping. Available in Autobot and bad-ass Decepticon designs.

Snip from the site:


These Transformers Pillows are made of very soft materials, making them perfect to hug or sleep on. This is perhaps the biggest feature that separates them from the real Transformers – metal robots are not as cuddly. But don’t be fooled by the Transformers Pillows one-piece shape. They can transform. They can turn from decorative plush device into plush throwing weapon in just about two seconds. Think of all the great Autobot vs. Decepticon pillow fights you can have now. More than meets the sleepy eye!

The pillows can be purchased online for $19.99 (per piece). Simply Nerdi-licious.


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