Chinese Propaganda Posters has a huge collection of retro Chinese propaganda posters. The people behind the site have painstakingly cataloged posters from five decades of communist rule in China.

Chinese Propaganda Poster

The Chinese propaganda juggernaut, enabled the communist dictator Mao Zedong to tighten his vice-like grip over the people of China. Images of bountiful harvests, pretty girls, good health and smiling faces must have beguiled the viewers into accepting Mao’s (flawed) vision for his country.

The slogans exhort the people to always be ever-vigilant against intruders (Capitalism ? Democracy ?) and to always be a good communist. Mao makes the occasional appearance in the pictures, and as do other communist dictators like Stalin and Lenin of the erstwhile Soviet Union.

Young Mao Zedong Communist Propoganda Poster

Thankfully, the slogans on the posters have been translated into English for the visitor’s sake. You can not only buy some of these posters, but also have your photo added into an oil painted copy of the poster, for a fee ranging from $169 to $269.

Hate the doctrine, but love the art. This link is a must visit.