Eco Group Deflates Tires of Over 1000 SUVs In Sweden

An eco group, calling itself ‘The Indians of The Concrete Jungle’, deflated the tires of over a 1000 SUVs in Sweden. The group has alleged that Sweden has the ignominious distinction of being one, if not the most Carbon Monoxide emitting countries in Europe. They started by deflating the tires of 60 SUVs in the city of Stockholm. This details of this "achievement" was posted on their blog, and the movement spread rapidly. They claim that over a 1000 SUVs have had their tires deflated in at least nine Swedish cities, and that new ‘tribes’ are making their presence felt everywhere.

Funnily, the aggrieved owners of these SUV’s have banded together to form a counterforce, which calls itself ‘The Cowboys of the Concrete Jungle’ and have threatened to "deflate the lungs of the Indians".

Volvo XC90

Snip from their blog:

Sweden is unique in Europe in its addiction to SUVs. Carbon emissions from new cars on Swedish roads are some 20 percent above the European average; no males in the EU emit as much by driving cars as Swedish males do. This is largely due to the success of Volvo’s SUV model XC90, as well as other cars from the consistently climate destructive company. The Indians of the Concrete Jungle have decided to change this situation.

The action performed by the Indians is simple. The cap of the tyre’s valve is unscrewed, a bean or a grain of gravel is inserted, and the valve is screwed back on the tyre. The little thing will push down the peg in the middle of the valve, making sure the air is gently released. The whole manoeuvre takes about 10 seconds, after which follows the long sound of the air petering out. A letter to the owner is left on the widescreen, wherein the action is explained. Instructions and the letter are available on the weblog, for all like-minded activists to use and spread lavishly. The Indians refrain from targeting SUVs used by handicapped drivers, health care institutions and company workers.

Link to the site (via EcoStreet)