Overhaulin – Chip Foose Pranked

Overhaulin is one of my favorite reality shows on television. It is similar to MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” show, only longer and has an interesting “candid camera” element to it. The owner of the car is oblivious to the fact that his “missing” car is being customized and worked on upon by design genius Chip Foose and his band of men. It is only at the end of the show, the now stunningly redesigned car is reunited with its surprised and grateful owner.

In this clip from the show, airbrush ace Dru Blair pranks Chip Foose with some nifty ultra-realistic paintwork.

If you are puzzled by the lack of a big reaction from Chip, don’t be. Chip always looks like he is dreaming about something. 🙂