Maman – Giant Spider Sculpture

This is the greatest thing I saw all day. A massive (30 feet wide and high) sculpture of a spider has been installed outside the Tate Modern Art Gallery in London.

Maman - Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois at The Tate Modern Art Gallery









This art installation was the brainchild of 95 year old artist Louise Bourgeois, and was created in 1999 as a tribute to her mother. Her mother, an artist herself, must have been a huge influence on Bourgeois. The sculpture, named Maman (a term of endearment for a   Mother in French), is made of bronze, stainless steel and marble. It will be on display outside the gallery on the banks of the River Thames, as a teaser for a major exhibition of work by Bourgeois.

Snip from the article:

"The Spider is an ode to my mother. She was my best friend. Like a spider, my mother was a weaver," the 95-year-old Bourgeois said in a statement.