The Scandalous Photos of Alison Jackson

Alison Jackson is a notorious British photographer, who is best known for her photographs of celebrity impersonators in compromising, shocking or vulnerable positions. She shoots images, which mirror our darkest suspicions about celebrities. No one is spared, not even President Bush, Tony Blair, and the Queen of England.

Princess Diana Dodi Al-Fayed

Her photograph of Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed look-alikes with a mixed-race love child, created an enormous stir in Britain. Only a celebrity obsessed British society could have given her the license to produce such images.

The images in the gallery are really NSFW, can get quite disgusting at times. I mean, would you really like to see Elton John getting an enema? I know the answer, already. :mrgreen:

Link (NSFW)

(Thanks, Sujay)