What’s Inside A Tube Of Colgate Whitening Toothpaste ?

Wired Magazine analyzed the chemical composition of the contents inside a tube of ‘Colgate Whitening Oxygen Bubbles Brisk Mint‘ toothpaste, and the findings were disturbing to say the least.

Snip from the article:

Hydrated Silica

You know those packets of silica gel that come with electronic gear? The Toothy Smileones that are clearly labeled DO NOT EAT? Same stuff. Here it’s used as a gentle abrasive to scrub food and plaque stains from the teeth. Turns out it’s not really poisonous.

Propylene Glycol

Remember the headlines about contaminated Chinese toothpaste? Bootleggers were using cheaper diethylene glycol, which, like its propylene cousin, is a syrupy liquid that acts as a thickener and moisturizer. Of course, DEG is toxic and sometimes used as antifreeze.

Link to the Wired Magazine article.

(Photo courtesy of OpenThreads)