Dave Archambault’s Ballpoint Pen Art Portrait of Nastassja Kinski

Believe it or not, but the following picture of actress Nastassja Kinski is not a photograph.

Ballpoint Art

Dave Archambault, the artist behind this portrait, creates such detailed and photo-realistic works of art using only ballpoint pens.

Snip from the artist’s site:

"Why ball point?", you ask? "Grey" is the answer. Technical pens don’t do grey. They do black and white crosshatches that look grey from a distance. The ball point has the ability to produce such a microscopic line that even tones of grey are achievable. Much better for reproducing photographs, which is what I do.

The artist also does commissioned portraits, at an average price of $ 400 for a 18"x24"piece.

Link to the gallery.

(Thanks, Jeff)