HYmini Portable Wind Powered Gadget Charger

The HYmini (don’t laugh) ultra-portable charger harnesses the power of the wind to charge your electronic gadgets like mobile phones and mp3 players. 

HYmini Wind Powered Portable Gadget Charger

The device can be clipped on to your arm with a special armband or clamped to a bicycle handle with an adapter. The armband will make you look like a complete dweeb, but hey, you will be doing your bit for the environment. This nifty gizmo has a few more clever tricks. It can also be attached to a solar panel for some sun-assisted charging, and up to four solar panels can be daisy chained to provide increased power.

The basic package will get you one HYmini charger and a miniSOLAR panel with basic accessories for $59.99.

Link (via Inhabitat)