V for Vendetta Televised Speech – Original Comic Strip Scans

V For Vendetta Comic Book Speech

A provocative speech by the principal character in the ‘V for Vendetta’ movie (directed by the Wachowski brothers)  was used by Ron Paul’s supporters to raise record breaking funds for his election campaign.

In the movie, ‘V’ exhorts his countrymen to join the revolution against a tyrannical government, with his “Remember, remember the 5th of November” speech.

The movie was based on the ‘V for Vendetta’ comic book series by the acclaimed writer Alan Moore.  The writer dissociated himself from the movie, as he felt that the movie adaptations based on his works were not up to the mark.

I have scanned the original black and white strip containing the speech from my treasured Warrior comic magazine (No. 16), a great British comic book series, which, unfortunately, had a very short run.






The speech in the comic is completely different from the one in the movie. The  strip makes no mention of the 5th of November or any other date for that matter. ‘V’ is a also a complete bad-ass in the comics.

So, what do you think of Moore’s version? Any better?