Emoticon Transforming Stamp Makes Writing Fun, Saves Trees

Emoticon Transforming StampThe ‘Emoticon Transforming Stamp’ promises to make your boring ‘offline’ communications, as interesting and fun as those you have online.

Imagine the reams of paper, gallons of ink, not to mention thousands of brain cells, which can be saved by using that condensed pictorial expression of emotion – ‘the emoticon’.

Snip from the site:

With the Emoticon Transforming Stamp, you don’t have to limit emoticons to online chatter. It’s made of 100% silicon, which means it can squish and flex to make almost any sort of face. Once you get the emotion you want, stamp it on your letter. Once you let go, the stamp will snap back into its original face, ready for action.

Just use it to convey your profound joy at the birth of your firstborn, or your seething anger at getting passed over for a long-overdue promotion, and even sadness, when your loving dog was given away by your crazy parents.

Yes Sir, the stamp can do all this and more.

All jokes aside, the Emoticon transforming stamp is a great buy at $5.99.