Thor’s Flaming Helmet Shoots Flames, Drives Away Even Imaginary Friends

This "dense" plastic replica of Thor‘s Helmet can shoot real flames, through raised copper tubes attached behind it. The flames can be controlled or switched on and off with adjustable valves.

Thor Helmet - Flame Shooter

Unintentionally hilarious snip from the site:

It is an amazing way to get noticed, light your surroundings and catch yourself of fire. I can not suggest you wear it, I recommend you never wear it, as its dangerous! The helmet makes for great sculpture and conversation piece.

While wearing one of these replicas may get you a few envious stares at the next comic book convention, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to your already, non-existent social life.

The helmet is priced at $550, with shipping at an additional $15.  Any takers ?

Link (via Geekologie)