I Drink Your Blood – Exploitation Film Trailer

More retro movie madness this time. I Drink your Blood / I Eat Your Skin was a 1970 double feature,  a monstrosity which was "inspired" by the the vicious crimes of the Charles Manson family.

The film is a prime example of the sort of seedy exploitation fare, routinely churned out by ‘B’ Grade movie production houses of that time.

The storyline of the film is about a group of insane, hippie Satanists who wreak murderous havoc on the inhabitants of a small town. And the reason behind their insanity ? A revenge seeking boy who spiked their pies with a rabid dog’s blood. Wow, a kid did all that ? Kids really did the darndest things in the 70s.

Besides the innovative storyline, the trailer of the film has one of the best, unintentionally humorous voice-overs in the history of filmmaking. Just ten seconds into the trailer, and I was laughing already. After you finish watching it, just ask yourself; What acts of horror can a hose perpetrate ?

The video has lots of fake blood, gore and (possibly) some naked men too. So its NSFW.