Theosaurus Piggy Bank


This rather unique, porcine, porcelain piggy bank is named Theosaurus, or Theo for short.  Theo is no ordinary piggy bank. He is available on the site for prices ranging from $70 to a shocking $150 for the gold plated edition. 

Snip from the site:

His design originated from Morphorm/Martin Schatz, a product designer from Berlin in cooperation with Lee Kmji, a product designer from Busan/South Korea. Theo is produced in Thuringia by Wallendorfer Porzellanmanufaktur, a German porcellan manufacturer founded in 1764 and steeped in tradition. The shoes of the standing Theo are made from actual cork, a premium natural product, and are produced by the oldest cork specialist in Germany: the firm of Eugen Hackenschuh.

There is only one question in my mind. Would you really have the heart to break open a piggy bank like this ?