Monsters Vs Aliens – Leaked Trailer

Monsters Vs Aliens is an upcoming stereoscopic 3D animated film from Dreamworks Animation studio.

The storyline of the film involves Californian girl Susan Murphy, who turns into a 49-feet-11-inches tall (not the 50 foot woman, get it ?) monster after being hit by a meteor from outer space. Now called Ginormica, Susan is captured by the military and held in detention with other monsters in a secret government facility.


When a mysterious alien robot lands on Earth and starts attacking the country, Susan and her motley crew of fellow monsters are called into action by The President to save the world.

The voice talent list includes famous names like Reese Witherspoon, who voices Susan, Hugh Laurie (of House, M.D. fame), Seth Rogen, and Rainn Wilson from the US version of The Office.

With a stellar voice cast and geek-friendly storyline, Monsters Vs Aliens looks really interesting. Unless, of course, Dreamworks messes it up, like they did with Bee Movie (absolutely horrendous) and  Shrek The Third.

A low quality, bootleg version of the trailer shown at Comic Con 2008 has now been leaked on the Internet. Watch it before they take it down.

Video has been taken down.