Was Kurt Cobain a Marketing Genius ?

Brian Clark examines the astounding success of Nirvana’s Nevermind music album, and comes to the startling conclusion that Kurt Cobain was, in fact, a creative marketing genius of sorts.

Snip from the article:

In other words, Cobain’s desire to add pop hooks to punk compositions is a classic way to “organize available resources in new and more valuable ways.” This is creative entrepreneurism at it’s finest, and Cobain got the rock star outcome he hoped for (be careful what you wish for, etc.).

The band chose producer Butch Vig, whose work with Sonic Youth Cobain admired, and selected Andy Wallace to mix the album. The group walked a fine line by combining polished production with punk aesthetics, and they nailed it (even though Cobain complained years later that Nevermind was too polished).

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