Play Doom in Your Browser

I really don’t have a lot of great memories about the 90s. They just flew by in a blur for me.  I do remember, however,  having spent hundreds of pleasurable hours playing Doom, its sequels and other clones from id Software

The game had great graphics (for its time), big, scary monsters and a soundtrack which burned itself into my brain. Each session of playing Doom would leave me exhausted, not just because of the intense gameplay, but also because of the nausea brought about by extreme motion sickness. Still, I loved playing the game, and it remains one of my favorite games, ever.

You can now play the first episode of the game right inside your browser, all thanks to Michael Welsh, a programmer at Newgrounds. Michael ported the game into Flash using Adobe’s Alchemy software.

I must warn you, though, that the game only has keyboard controls and no music. You may also need to install Flash Player 10. On the upside, the game is is still fun to play and even has working cheat codes.