The Incredible Micro Sculptures of Williard Wigan

Williard Wigan, a sculptor from Birmingham, England, is reputedly the creator of the world’s smallest sculptures. How small? Well, his micro-sculptures can easily fit into the eye of an ordinary needle.

The sculptor uses tiny surgical blades to carve the miniature figurines out of gold, and fine grains of sand. Amazingly, he uses the hair plucked from dead houseflies as a brush to paint his creations with.

Wigan was a lonely child with dyslexia (he still can’t read or write), a problem compounded by the fact that his childhood teachers “made him feel small, made him feel like nothing." He became obsessed with proving his detractors wrong by showing them how significant small could really be.

Wigan really had the last laugh, as he managed to sell his entire collection for $20 million to British tennis player and avid collector, David Lloyd.