A Compilation Of 15 Gearshift Movies

A.V. Club. has an compiled an interesting list of 15 "Gearshift Movies.” The term was coined by Oscar nominated filmmaker P.T. Anderson to categorize films whose storylines abruptly take a sharp, inconceivable turn (for the viewer) in tenor and direction.

auditionHere is a short snip from the article about Japanese director Takashi Miike’s cult film –Audition:

The last third of Audition is what shocks most viewers, but fans of extreme J-horror maestro Takashi Miike are probably more shocked by the first third, which tells the story of a lonely widower with a restraint more common to a Yasujiro Ozu movie. When the man uses his post in a film-production office to "cast" a potential future wife, he finds the demure young woman of his dreams. Then, in one shot involving a telephone and the contents of a giant burlap sack on her apartment floor, the genre, the tone, and the audience’s expectations all abruptly change.

As with most movie list, there are a few notable omissions, but there are a few obscure gems as well.

A.V. Club’s Top 15 Gearshift Films.