List Of Rejected Vanity Plates In Ohio

According to an article on, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles rejected 1,574 requests for vanity plates during the past two years.

Though the vanity plates don’t come cheap (an extra $35 for every year they are used), tens of thousands of eager Ohio car owners religiously apply for them each year.

Snip from the article:

Some of the rejections are no-brainers. The F-word, in all its glorious combinations, variations, permutations and amalgamations, could fill a couple of phone-book pages all by itself.

Similarly, a horde of people wanted to tell us who or what ”sucks” — everything from Michigan to SUVs to work to the Florida Gators to the cold. Forget it. The BMV has decreed that nothing shall suck.

Other drivers would sentence people or entire groups to a permanent home in what the Greeks referred to as Hades. Can we all agree that’s probably not the best sentiment to express within easy view of youthful eyes?

But some of the rejected combinations seem awfully mild — TUSH, for instance, or DEEPDO or IGOTGAS.

The complete list of rejected plates is right here in a PDF format (NSFW, if you are a prude).