District 9 – First Teaser Trailer

District 9’ is an upcoming science fiction film directed by Neill Blomkamp, (and more interestingly) produced by Peter Jackson, the director of ‘The Lord of the Rings’. The film is based on Blomkamp’s earlier short film -‘Alive in Joburg’  (you watch the complete short by clicking on the link). 

Set in Johannesburg, South Africa, the film is about a group of extraterrestrials who have been detained on Earth by a large (and obviously evil organization). There is a strong undercurrent of fear and tension among the residents, brought about by the presence of these aliens in the already chaotic melting pot that is South Africa.

The first teaser trailer looks really promising, and with Peter Jackson on board, the film could very well be the sleeper sci-fi hit of 2009.

The film’s highly-interactive official site  has more details.

[via Film School Rejects]