The Art of Brazilian Artist André Azevedo

André Azevedo, a 21 year old Brazilian artist,  sent in pictures of his wonderfully abstract paintings and sketches to JazJaz.

[ATARILAND] mista sobre tela 70 cm por 90 cm_edit

[HEAD FOX] caneta e tinta sobre papel A3_edit_1 [HAND HEAD] caneta sobre papel A3_edit_1

back dog__1

[MICKEY] acrilica sobre tela 80cm por 100cm_edit_1

[CHUVA TRIANGULO] mista sobre tela 80cm por 80cm_edit

Just loved them, André.

Folks, do send in your artworks/photographs/films to JazJaz. I will definitely post them if they are good enough. Feel free to use this page to submit them.