William Powhida’s Artworld Sorcery


New York-based artist William Powhida has an exhibition of his works going on at the Platform Gallery in Seattle. Also on display is his Ars Magica portfolio, “a series of New York-centric prints about the artworld that double as talismans and hexes.”

Powhida’s work has been exhibited internationally, notably at Schroeder Romero in New York and London, Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles, and Haines Gallery in San Francisco. Holland Cotter of the New York Times has described Powhida as an “art world vigilante, virtuoso draftsman, compulsive calligrapher, and fantasist autobiographer,” and New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz called Powhida the second best thing to happen to New York in 2009.


You can view the thirteen prints on the gallery website here.  The exhibition will be on till August 5, 2010.

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arsmagica_7 arsmagica_9


Link to the gallery.