$2,200.99 HDMI Cable For Suckers

A $2,200.99 AudioQuest HDMI cable from Best Buy. Seriously, just who buys this overpriced crap?


Obligatory snarky customer review:

As everyone knows, the most important part of your home theater system is the HDMI cable. I was SOOO happy when placing the order for this, now I am one step closer to eventually buying a high definition television now that I have the cable! And when the cable arrived, it was beautiful – like being smacked in the mouth by the hand of God. I opened the box, and Best Buy was kind enough to have also included with it a newborn litter of kittens! So until I can save up another $2,200 for a television, blu-ray player, iPod, receiver, speakers, X-Box, wall mount kit, and catch up on my child support payments, I can sleep soundly knowing I made the right choice, and that 8 fluffy kittens are keeping me company.

What’s great about it: sense of elitism

What’s not so great: kitty litter