The HMNYC Project – An Interactive Sculpture by Emily Ryan

As many of you may know already, Emily Ryan‘s wonderful ‘HMNYC’ project was the winner of H&M’s ‘Your Art Here‘ contest (for which I was invited to be one of the four members of the jury panel).


Installed in the flagship H&M stores on 42nd Street & 5th Avenue, NYC from November 2010,  the interactive sculpture comprises of a 46 ft. long skyline of New York City, embedded with 18 monitors that display real-time Twitter messages and pictures from an automated photobooth. Over 5000 people participated in this terrific project during the holiday season.

If you are in the vicinity, please visit the stores and take part in this unique art installation.

Visit the official site for more details.

Watch ‘The HMNYC Project’ from Emily Ryan on Vimeo.