Pop Culture Art From KULT Studio



The folks at KULT Studio sent in some stunning images of curated pop culture art, currently being showcased in their online gallery. The site, founded by Brandon Savoy and Jeff Mackey, specializes in original art and limited-edition collectibles from major animation studios and comic book publishers.

Snip from the description of the site:

Visitors to the site will find it aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate and sophisticated.  As part of the “Now Generation,” Savoy and Mackey wanted to bring to KULT the same type of user experience that they themselves enjoy from different parts of the web. The highly-intuitive navigation, unique visual art search, frame-style selector and vibrant high-resolution images are all highlights of the KULT experience.

“We tried our best to bring collectors the same kind of visual stimulation that you get at a well-appointed walk-in gallery.  Our vision was to create a fun and dynamic visual-based browsing system while still offering some standard ways to explore the collection and shop for art.”

Link to the site.

More images after the jump.

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