Richard Brouwer’s Photography


Richard Brouwer, a native of The Hague in the Netherlands, started driving around a lot of corners in Phoenix, AZ in the year of 2010. It soon, he says, became a search for the desolate and the serene.

A lot of cities have some specific characteristics that are emphasized by the local Bureau of Commerce. They often come up with the usual stuff such as a historical marker or a "Shopping & Dining" location. But to define or redefine a city from your own perspective – with and without prefab info – that’s always a challenge.

His photographs show Phoenix in a completely new light, that is eerie, evocative, and utterly fascinating. The photographs are best experienced rather than explained.

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01Richard Brouwer

02Richard Brouwer

03Richard Brouwer

04Richard Brouwer

05Richard Brouwer

06Richard Brouwer

07Richard Brouwer

08Richard Brouwer

09Richard Brouwer

10Richard Brouwer

11Richard Brouwer

12Richard Brouwer

These select photos are excerpts from chapters from a much bigger photo novella about the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Visit his website to see and learn more about his photography.  He also has two Tumblr blogs where he engages in contemplation about whale fishery, and space and time.