Mina Georgescu’s Decorative Photography


Mina Georgescu describes her style of photography as being decorative in nature, but there is so much more to her work than that meets the eye. While a lot of her summery, splendidly-vivid photographs will certainly brighten up any living room, they are also, she says, filled with feelings of longing and melancholy, and gives away a bit of her personality.

Her beautiful ‘Spasmed Heart’ series, one of her more intriguing photo projects, left quite an impression on me. I asked her to tell me more about it, and this is what she replied:

It is a very personal almost intimate project that I started so that I can be able to look at my feelings from the outside. Every piece was and is very cathartic for me as I’m learning to open up to new ways of expression and discovering a new direction with my art. I’m planning on making it a limited edition book.

Mina was born in Romania, but is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. You can buy very affordable prints of her works on her Etsy store.

There are some select photographs from her collection, after the jump.


















Link to Mina’s site. Esty store.