The Surreal Works of Payam Montazami



Payam Montazami is an Iranian-born artist, who now resides in Montreal. His paintings and sculptures instantly grab our attention with their bizarre subjects, who dwell in a strange, surreal universe.

Payam Montazami has been combining the Surrealist expression of the unconscious with culturally relevant subject matter for over 10 years. Through painting and sculpture, Payam’s work aims to challenge and probe the audience just as much as the audience does his works. On the surface, one is drawn in by the distorted beauty and underlying humor of Payam’s pieces, and this often leads to a deeper emotional connection with the work.

Payam’s works have been nominated for various “best of show” awards,  and were recently exhibited at the Montreal S.A.T. Interactive Arts Exhibits. He also helps young and undiscovered artists in his community, through his site Sunrise Artists.

Hit the jump to see more artworks. Some images could be considered slightly NSFW.

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Link to Payam Montazami’s site.