Ernesto Neto’s Awe-Inspiring Art Installation



Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto is the one of the most important proponents of the Neo-Concrete movement, which was formed in Brazil in the 1950s. His most recent installation, ‘Crazy Hyperculture in the Vertigo of the World’ at the Faena Arts Center in Buenos Aires, invites the viewer to touch, smell and walk inside its inner space.

Neto works with abstract installations which often take up the whole expositional space, creating spatial labyrinths in which fine membranes –stretched taught and fixed at various points– containing spices of varying colours and aromas (saffron, cloves) hang down here and there in the shape of enormous droplets.

The main elements and materials used in his works are the elasticity of the fabrics, the force of gravity, spices and polythene foam.

Link to the exhibit’s page on the Faena Arts Center site.

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