A Humorous Diorama of Athens Rocked by Protests

Dimitris Polychroniadis & Michalis Dalanikas - Cover of Athens Voice Magazine

Image credit: Dimitris Polychroniadis & Michalis Dalanikas.

Greek Architect and Scenographer, Dimitris Polychroniadis created his newest work for the cover of the upcoming issue of Athens Voice, the city’s most popular free press weekly magazine. The humorous diorama depicts the country’s idyllic summer being disrupted by protests. The issue will be published this coming Thursday, before a critical Greek national election that will be held on June 17, 2012.

Polychroniadis made the piece using materials like wood, acrylics, spray paint, sand, blue insulation material, cardboard and modified miniature figurines.

Visit this link on his site to check out more images of the piece.