For The Love of Photography Vol. 02

Untitled  ‘smrdy_39’, by Novafly 

A compilation of interesting photographs that I’ve seen on Flickr recently. If you would like your photographs to be featured here, please add them to the JazJaz Flickr pool.

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Stopped-Watch  ‘Stopped Watch’, by JD Hancock

We-all-have-the-tools-to-fly,-just-imagine-you-can  ‘We all have the tools to fly, just imagine you can’, by freeflyer09

Budapest-Parliament  ‘Budapest Parliament’, by TheFella

785   ‘#785 黃頭瀟哺’, by John&Fish 

  ‘229/365’, by martinak15

Universal-Captain-America  ‘Universal Captain America’, by JD Hancock 

Heart-of-the-Dande  ‘Heart of the Dande’, by PamLink 

snail-face  ‘snail-face’, by Jäger & Sammler 

The-Artist  ‘The Artist’, by martinak15 

Enter-Tackyland  ‘Enter Tackyland’, by tackyshack

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