Man-eater: Remaking Life into a Playable Video Game


After traveling for four years by the same tram to his art academy, Daniel Disselkøen was struck by the need to do something that would keep him and his fellow passengers entertained throughout the journey.

Why would you then look out the window with curiosity when there is no reason to expect anything new. I decided to change the daily journey for my fellow passengers and myself. I wouldn’t move the tramway track, but maybe I could add something. Make something so that what already exists would look very different now.

And thus was born “Man-eater”, Disselkøen’s ravenous, pedestrian-head eating creature which would make the boring tram trips into an enjoyable real-life video game. The game is part of his graduation project "Remake Reality" for the Royal Academy of Art, The Netherlands.

If you loved watching this video, you should definitely visit his site to check out his other (very interesting) projects.

Lint to “Man-eater” from Daniel Disselkøen on Vimeo.