“Ophelia” – A Painting by Rich Pellegrino


Over the past 160 years, numerous artists have painted on canvas their interpretation of Ophelia’s death in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. In the play, Ophelia, bedecked with wild flowers, falls into a brook, but remains afloat for a while, before eventually pulled under water by the weight of her wet clothes. The episode has been praised as one of the most poetically written death scenes in literature.

Rich Pellegrino’s painting is yet another gorgeously-splendid depiction of the lady meeting her tragic end, created in the signature style of the artist. Shakespeare used the motif of flowers to symbolize Ophelia’s deep emotions, and here, Pellegrino has done the same to great effect.

The original piece has been sold out, but you can buy 14” x 18” giclee prints of the work on the artist’s website.