Home Sweet Home: A Satirical Diorama Sculpture by Greek Artist Polychroniadis


Mixed media diorama sculpture 50cm X 50cm X 65cm (h.)


Life-size sign comprised of a steel and timber structure, plywood, acrylic color and spotlights with dimensions 655cm X 600cm X 770cm (h).

Greek visual artist Polychroniadis’s (previously here and here) latest work is a two part piece; one is a mixed media diorama sculpture, and the other is a huge life-size sign made out of steel and wood. The piece was exhibited as part of a section named ‘Stopover’ at ‘Action Field Kodra’, an annual contemporary art show that takes place in the derelict site of the Kodra ex-military barracks in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The exhibition was themed around the ideas of homeland, with references to the history of Thessaloniki.

Via the description of the piece:

The sculpture attemts to reconcile imagery from war-zone bombed residential buildings (e.g. Syria, Lybia, Lebanon), with early 20th century Modernist Utopias and a sense of carelessness or defiance of lurking danger.

The title comes from a hit song, written in 1823 by Henry Bishop and John Howard Payne. Being part of American popular culture for more than 150 years, it has been heavily used as a title for books, films etc. It has become an almost iconic slogan, also embedded in numerous doormats around the globe.

Link to Polychroniadis’s site.

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Image credit: Michalis Dalanikas and D. Polychroniadis.