Incredible Hyper-Realistic Drawings by Dirk Dzimirsky




Dirk Dzimirsky (NSFW link) is a hyperrealist German artist par excellence.  His incredibly lifelike drawings and paintings explore the vulnerability of the human condition in stark and somber detail. Depending on the choice of medium (graphite pencils, acrylic paints or oil paints), Dzimirsky spends 100 to 150 hours to create his masterpieces.

The artist has now released limited edition fine art prints of two of his works. Titled “Mary” and “Drawn Face VI”, the original drawings were created on paper using graphite pencils and white charcoal.

More about the prints:

The award winning pencil drawing "Mary" is now available as a fine art print. The format is ca. 17” x 23” (43 x 59 cm) with an edition of 40 and will cost $470.

"Drawn Face VI" from 2009, now one of his best known drawings is also available as a fine art print now. The format is ca. 19" x 15” (49 x 38cm) and it is limited to 40 and will cost $470.

Visit the artist’s site (NSFW) to check out more of his art works.

[via JazJaz Submissions]