Fantastical Carved Wood Paintings by South Korean Artist Tae-Jin Seong






As colorfully-vibrant as Saekdong (traditional Korean attire), South Korean artist Tae-Jin Seong’s carved wood painted panels depict satirical scenes of urban utopia.

Using the character of Robot Taekwon V, the eponymous robot in the hit 1970s South Korean TV show, Seong creates an escapist world full of stories and dreams which combine together elements of patriotism, violence and debauchery in a surreal, explosive mix. They also reveal the artist’s mourning of a lost childhood and a deep disillusionment with society. The carving of alphabets and words in the background of the paintings are “associated with the dissemination of the written word and the origins of printmaking.”

Seong’s works have been collected and put on display in many national museums in South Korea. His panels will be showcased by Gallery LVS at the upcoming New York Edition of PULSE Contemporary Art Fair from March 5th to 8th, 2015. The fair, which will be celebrating it’s 10th founding anniversary next month, will be exhibiting works from scores of artists and exhibitors from around the world.

Note: All images are courtesy of Gallery LVS.

[via JazJaz Submissions]