Remarkable Illustrations of Birds Drawn in Moleskine Diaries


The pages in the Moleskine diaries of London/Hong Kong-based illustrator Fran Giffard are unlike those owned by most people. Sure, they may contain the occasional jottings, recipes and even travel plans to lush, tropical locations – but these are something quite special. Giffard fills the blank spaces around her entries with bright and vivid illustrations of birds – both common as well as exotic. She uses aquarelle, gouache, and graphite pencil to recreate the brilliant plumages and sleek shapes of these winged beauties onto paper. As viewers, we are treated to a wonderful blend of great art with intimate peeks into the artist’s (unarguably charmed) life.








Giffard says that she has been captivated for a long time by the intricate beauty of natural illustrations. Over the past four years, this 2010 alumni of the Camberwell College of Art has been busy producing a huge body of ornithological-inspired artwork. Her drawings have been exhibited internationally, as well as in many locations in the UK.



From 10th March until 26th March, 2015, her upcoming show ‘All My Beautiful Boys‘ at Northcote Gallery, London, will feature select drawings from her various unbound diaries. Moleskine will also be exhibiting one of her drawings at their Covent Garden shop, King Street, London.

You can check out more of the artist’s work at her site, Tumblr and Facebook page.