Solo Art Show of The Twisted Comic Strip Illustrations of Joan Cornellà




Joan_Cornellà-Coin Joan_Cornellà_Instaboobs

Chances are that lot of you folks might have already seen Barcelona-based illustrator Joan Cornellà’s debauched, yet hilarious comic strip illustrations. The artist has millions of followers on Facebook and other major social networks, who just can’t seem to get enough of his quirky strips. The San-Francisco-based Spoke Art gallery is hosting a solo exhibition by Cornellà, which features select original illustrations by the artist.

Working primarily in comics, this month’s show explores the twisted world that Cornellà has so carefully crafted for us. Through simple, wordless imagery, Cornellà is able to effectively convey all that he sees humorous, no matter how taboo.

The show will have its opening on Thursday, March 3rd, with an evening reception with the artist in attendance at the Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco. The illustrations will be on view till Saturday, March 26th, 2016. You can visit Spoke Art’s website for more details. Here are a few more illustrations for your viewing pleasure. Joan_Cornellà_3


Joan_Cornellà-Coin Joan_Cornellà_Mystique Joan_Cornell_Rrubbbit.jpg